10 Reasons to Love Print

August 5, 2014

At family-firm Whitehall Printing, ink is in the blood. In this digital age it’s easy to forget the skill and craftsmanship required to produce even the most everyday lithographically and digitally printed objects. The skilled hands, discerning eyes and careful minds to intricately manage each delicate process.

Watch our mini-documentary on the art, craft and skill of modern printing and to see #whyweloveprint 

1. Print sends sensory messages to the brain and evokes an emotional response

2. People pour-over, ponder, peruse and generally take more time to read print

3. Print is beautiful – where photography and design meet texture, natural materials and a few million drops of ink

4. Print is sustainable – demand is increasing not decreasing EU forests, while e-waste is on the rise

5. Print is trusted – the written word is committed with more care and less haste

6. Print doesn’t make your eyes go square!

7. Print is a loyal – it travels with you, lives in your home and is (still) there when you need it

8. Print is craftsmanship – a learned trade where artistry, technology and handwork combine to craft each item

9. Print is teamwork – an average of 8 skilled operatives collaborate to produce 1 item

10. Print is who we are – our communication defines and connects us. So take your time to communicate well – use print!


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