7 secrets to creating a start-up brand

May 27, 2014

1. Customer first

Try and imagine the needs of your perfect customer, or better still, ask your potential customers what’s important to them. Think about products or services that you use repeatedly and ask yourself why.  Is it the convenience of Amazon One-Click?  The service at John Lewis?  Simplicity and ease can be more important than price and product.

2. Assess the competition

Collect examples of competitor brochures, prices packaging and communications. Critique those you like and dislike and think about the first impression they give, rather than the detail of their offer. Where will you position yourself in the market and does your pricing reflect this? If you need inspiration, book a visit to our Ideas Room to browse thousands of business stationery and charity print samples.

3. Images

….say a thousand words so invest in some professional, high-res photography of you, your products and anything that conveys what is different about your business. These will add authenticity and professionalism to any printed and digital marketing you do. N.B a minimum quality of 300 dots-per-inch is needed for printing.

4. Focus your brand personality

Before thinking about colours and designs, write down 3 things you want your customers to think about you.  Are you edgy, creative, high-end?  Or are you friendly, reliable and professional?  Use this personality to inspire your name, colour palette and logo design criteria.

5. Be consistent with your brand

Don’t stray from your fonts or think about using two different logos at once because you haven’t got around to updating them! Use a singular, consistent and distinct identity and stick to it – it shows greater confidence. Once you’ve chosen your logo, it’s worth commissioning a designer to artwork it using professional software so that you have appropriate formats for print and other marketing.

6. Group print together

Printing your folders at the same time as your business cards, or letterheads together with comp slips, can mean we only need to set-up the presses once. This usually saves you money and equally importantly, it ensures perfect consistency of colour and finish across your materials (particularly useful if you have chosen a unique ‘spot colour’).

7. Line up your ducks.

Wait until your basic print, website, social media profiles, packaging and literature are all in place before launching yourself and your product. Your customers will forgive a lack of content in the early days but, not being able to find your phone number, or having nothing to refer colleagues to, can lose you a sale.

..and use a decent commercial printer!

Over the last four decades, Whitehall Printing has supported hundreds of start-ups through their early days. We recommend you invest in good design and that you speak to us about the ways you intend you use your print.

We’ll give you honest and useful advice on whether digital printing or lithographic will provide the best value and quality on that exciting, first-ever print run. We also offer a range of FSC and recycled products to start your brand off on the right foot.

Book an appointment online to discuss your emergent brand with Whitehall Printing or call 0117 954 7000 today.