Are you Mailmark ready?

Are you Mailmark ready?

February 7, 2024

You probably noticed the cost of a 1st class stamp rocket last year by 22%, but were you aware of changes coming to bulk Royal Mail services this spring? 

From April 2024, organisations using in-house franking will no longer be able to access the most favourable rates for bulk mailings, unless they migrate to a Mailmark service.

📨 Good news – Whitehall is now a fully approved Mailmark wholesaler! 📨

Thankfully Whitehall Printing can pass on significant postage savings on to clients. Because we process large volumes and use barcoded address data, our mailers improve Royal Mail’s efficiency, hence the preferable rates!

Why not find out if Whitehall can save on your postal costs and arrange Mail review? 

We can print your mailing, stuff the envelopes, frank the enclosures and ensure safe delivery to the postie’s sack… win win!

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