Coil Bound

Coil binding or spiral binding is a popular binding method for reference and non-fiction books that are opened and closed frequently. Coil bound books can be opened through 360 degrees and laid flat at any page making them ideal as recipe books, instruction manuals, reference books and diaries.


  • Binds up to 300 pages
  • Multiple colour coils available (black, red, white, green, blue etc)
  • Suitable with a large range of cards and stocks


When designing your artwork take into consideration the colour and spacial impact of the binding. The holes will be punched 7mm into the page so text and images should be adapted to accomodate this. Text should be at least 10mm from the edge of the page, and a great margin will improve visibility. Background mages can be set at full bleed but will of course be obscured by the holes.