A5 Leaflet with QR Code

Using print to promote recycling

Unfortunately Christmas is a huge generator of waste of all kinds.  However, the good news is, the UK has relatively high paper recycling rates.  After the presents have been unwrapped, the Christmas cards taken down and the packaging flattened, we are a great nation for sorting our waste and each contributing to the circular lifespan of paper products.

With this in mind, Whitehall were particularly pleased to produce this innovative leaflet for BATHNES Council, promoting effective domestic recycling over the festive season.  This useful door drop took advantage of the recent boom in the use of Quick Response (QR) codes, widely adopted throughout the pandemic.  Helpfully, recipients are able to quickly access a relevant landing page using a smart phone camera, and identify refuse collection dates for their street.

And of course, the leaflet itself is 100% recyclable, printed with vegetable based inks, using renewable energy, just a few miles down the road at Whitehall Printing.

This is a great example of combining print and digital communication to achieve higher customer engagement.  Here are just some of the advantages:

  • QR codes link to web-based information that can be changed at any time
  • A door drop is wide reaching, notifying those who do not access email or social media
  • A4 folded to A5 fits through the majority of post boxes and is economical to produce
  • The leaflet is printed on fully recyclable, sustainably-sourced paper
  • A printed infographic visually communicates detailed information
  • A leaflet can be kept on the fridge or wall, increasing likelihood of effective recycling

Credit and praise to the team at Bath and North East Somerset Council for this innovative communication.