Spot UV Varnish

A Spot Varnish is applied to chosen areas of print, highlighting that part of the design. It also provides an additional varied texture on a single printed surface. This adds a lot of interest, and can identify the printing as a premium piece of literature in the perception of the reader.

One very effective technique is to apply a UV gloss spot varnish on top of matt or silk laminated printing. This achieves maximum contrast between the highly reflective shiny UV coating and the light-absorbing matt laminate, and can, for instance, create a striking first impression on presentation folders or a brochure cover.

Spot varnish options

  • Gloss & Matt
  • Glitter
  • Textured
  • Raised (hi-build)

Digital Spot UV

Now there’s a new technology in the printing playground. Digital spot UV .  Using a process similar to traditional UV varnish, but allowing much greater accuracy and lift, this technology combines the effects of spot varnish and embossing but with major benefits.

  • No dies required and so no minimum runs – it’s very cost effective on short runs.
  • Variable thickness of varnish is allowed through the support of halftones.  This give two benefits: texture and the ability to ‘fade’ the effect of the varnish and taper it out. This textured capability allows for a myriad of design possibilities.